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Words: Adverbs

  1. Basic
  2. Degree
  3. Frequency
  4. Time
  5. Modality
  6. Quantity


ye³also, too
zhi³only, just
hai²still, yet
zai⁴again (imperfect/future)
不再bu² zai⁴not anymore, no longer
you⁴again (perfect/past)
jiu⁴at once, just, only, already
cai²not until
已经yi³ jing¹already


非常fei¹ chang²extremely
…极了... ji² leextremely
…死了... si³ le ... to death
太…了tai⁴ ... letoo
chao¹super, exceed
gou⁴... enough
特别te⁴ bie²especially
zhen¹ (de)really
ting³quite, pretty
hao³highly, very
有点you³ dian³(r)a little
决不jue² bu⁴not at all


永远yong³ yuan³forever
总是zong³ shi⁴always
从来cong² lai²always
一直yi⁴ zhi²continuously
平时ping² shi²usually
通常tong¹ chang²usually
经常jing¹ chang²often
常常chang² chang²often
有时you³ shi² (hou)sometimes
偶尔ou³ er³occasionally
很少hen³ shao³seldom, rarely
cong² (lai²) bu⁴never (imperfect/future)
cong² (lai²) mei² (you³)never (perfect/past)


现在xian⁴ zai⁴now, at the moment
马上ma³ shang⁴at once, immediately
立即li⁴ ji²at once, immediately
以前yi³ qian²earlier, previously
以后yi³ hou⁴later, afterwards
然后ran² hou⁴then, afterwards
那时na⁴ shi²then (past tense)
当时dang¹ shi²then (past tense)
最近zui⁴ jin⁴recently, soon
不久bu⁴ jiu³soon
终于zhong¹ yu²finally, eventually
突然tu¹ ran²suddenly
忽然hu¹ ran²suddenly


一定yi² ding⁴surely, certainly
肯定ken³ ding⁴surely, certainly
当然dang¹ ran²naturally, of course
自然zi⁴ ran²naturally, of course
实在shi² zai⁴actually, really
其实qi² shi²actually, in fact
原来yuan² lai²originally
本来ben³ lai²originally
大概da⁴ gai⁴propably, likely
可能ke³ neng²perhaps, maybe
也许ye³ xu³perhaps, maybe
未必wei⁴ bi⁴impropably, hardly
并不bing⁴ bu⁴not at all
决不jue² bu⁴not at all
可惜ke³ xi¹unfortunately, sadly


很少hen³ shao³little, few
至少zhi⁴ shao³at least
很多hen³ duo¹many, much
至多zhi⁴ duo¹at most
…多... duo¹more than
差不多cha⁴ bu duo¹almost, nearly
几乎ji¹ hu¹almost, nearly
大概da⁴ gai⁴approximately
大约da⁴ yue¹approximately
…左右... zuo³ you⁴approximately
就是jiu⁴ shi⁴exactly