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Words: Verbs

  1. Basic
  2. Motion
  3. Perception


shi⁴to be
不是bu² shi⁴to be not
you³to have
没有mei² you³to have not
zuo⁴to do


qu⁴to go
lai²to come
dao⁴to arrive
hui²ro return
zou³to walk

For more verbs, see verbs of motion


kan⁴to look, to watch
看见kan⁴ jian⁴to see
看到kan⁴ dao⁴to see
ting¹to listen
听见ting¹ jian⁴to hear
听到ting¹ dao⁴to hear
wen²to smell, to hear
dong³to understand
明白ming² baito understand
了解liao³ jie³to comprehend
xiang³to think
觉得jue² deto think, to feel
感觉gan³ jue²to think, to feel
认为ren⁴ wei²to think, to believe
以为yi³ wei²to suppose
知道zhi¹ dao⁴to know
记得ji⁴ deto remember