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Grammaire: Verbes modaux


jiāng 文will, shallfuture tense
huìcan, willknow how to, future tense
néngcan, maybe able to, be allowed to
可以kěyǐcan, maybe able to, be allowed to
xiǎngwould likethink about to
kěnwantbe ready to
想要xiǎngyàowantintent to
yàowant, shallneed to, be going to
应该yīnggāishould, mustought to, be expected to
děi 话musthave to
必须bìxū 文musthave to


不将bù jiāng 文won't, shall notfuture tense
不会bú huìcan'tdon't know how to,
future tense
不能bù néngcan'tbe not able to
不可以bù kěyǐcan't, mustn'tbe not allowed to
不想bù xiǎngwouldn't likedon't think about to
不肯bù kěndon't wantbe not ready to
不想要bù xiǎngyàodon't wantdon't intent to
不要bú yàodon't, shouldn'tbe expected not to
不应该bù yīnggāishouldn'tdon't ought to
不用bú yòngdon't need tobe not necessary to
不必bú bìdon't need todon't have to