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Grammar: Modal verbs


jiang¹ 文will, shallfuture tense
hui⁴can, willknow how to, future tense
neng²can, maybe able to, be allowed to
可以ke³ yi³can, maybe able to, be allowed to
xiang³would likethink about to
ken³wantbe ready to
想要xiang³ yao⁴wantintent to
yao⁴want, shallneed to, be going to
应该ying¹ gai¹should, mustought to, be expected to
dei³ 话musthave to
必须bi⁴ xu¹ 文musthave to


不将bu⁴ jiang¹ 文won't, shall notfuture tense
不会bu² hui⁴can'tdon't know how to,
future tense
不能bu⁴ neng²can'tbe not able to
不可以bu⁴ ke³ yi³can't, mustn'tbe not allowed to
不想bu⁴ xiang³wouldn't likedon't think about to
不肯bu⁴ ken³don't wantbe not ready to
不想要bu⁴ xiang³ yao⁴don't wantdon't intent to
不要bu² yao⁴don't, shouldn'tbe expected not to
不应该bu⁴ ying¹ gai¹shouldn'tdon't ought to
不用bu² yong⁴don't need tobe not necessary to
不必bu² bi⁴don't need todon't have to