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Grammar: Pronouns

  1. Personal pronouns
  2. Possessive pronouns
  3. Demonstratives
  4. Interrogatives
  5. Indefinite pronouns

Personal pronouns

Singular Plural
Simp. Trad. Simp. Trad.
wo³ I 我们 我們 wo³ men we
咱们 咱們 zan² men we
(you and me)
ni³ you 你们 你們 ni³ men you
nin² you
ta¹ he 他们 他們 ta¹ men they
she 她们 她們 they
它们 牠們 they
它們 they

Regional variants

an³ 官
ou³ 官
wu² 沪 古
er³ 古
nong² 沪
ru³ 台 古
qu² 粤 他/她/它
yi¹ 沪 台

Possessive pronouns

Possessive pronouns are created by adding the attributive particle to the personal pronoun.

de(attributive particle)
ni³ de shu¹your book
我们学校wo³ men de xue² xiao⁴our school

For close things and people (like relatives) the particle is omitted.

我家wo³ jia¹my family
她妈妈ta¹ ma maher mother


Proximal Distal
这个 zhe⁴ ge / zhei⁴ ge this 那个 na⁴ ge / nei⁴ ge that
这些 zhe⁴ xie¹ / zhei⁴ xie¹ these 那些 na⁴ xie¹ / nei⁴ xie¹ those
这儿 zher⁴ here 那儿 nar⁴ there
这里 zhe⁴ li³ 那里 na⁴ li³
这么 zhe⁴ me so, like this, this way 那么 na⁴ me like that, that way, then


Indefinite pronouns