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Words: Verbs of motion

  1. Direction
  2. Motion


qu⁴to go
lai²to come
dao⁴to arrive
guo⁴to pass
(to go/come over)
hui²to return
(to go/come back)
jin⁴ (ru⁴)to enter
(to go/come in)
chu¹to exit
(to go/come out)
shang⁴to go/come up, to get on
xia⁴to go/come down, to get off
qi³to stand up, to rise


pa² ( shan¹)to climb
pa² (xing²)to crawl
跳舞tiao⁴ wu³to dance
fei¹ (xing²)to fly
tiao⁴ (yue⁴)to jump
pao³ (bu⁴)to run
游泳you² yong³to swim
旅游lü³ you²to travel
旅行lü³ xing²to travel
zou³ (lu⁴)to walk